The Hanen Parent Program ‘More Than Words’ (MTD) is meant for parents of young children having difficulties in social communication skills and speech- and languagedevelopment. This program is English spoken and consists of:
• 7 groupmeetings for parents (not for the children!) on Tuesdaynights 19.30-22.00;
• 4 individual homevisits per family, to be planned in daytime (weekends possible) for videocoaching and videoanalysis of parents and their child.

Hanenprogramma MTW


Homevisit 1 / intake+videocoaching

Before 18-04-2023

To be scheduled in daytime with each family and their child individually

Meeting 1


Meeting 2


Homevisit 2 / videocoaching

To be planned with each family individually

Meeting 3


Meeting 4


Homevisit 3 / videocoaching

To be planned with each family individually

Meeting 5


Meeting 6


Homevisit 4 / videocoaching + final evaluation

To be planned with each family individually

Meeting 7


Kinderlogopedie Amsterdam
Hygiëastraat 1
1076 RM Amsterdam

The eveningclasses/meetings for parents take place at location Hygiëastraat 1 at the practice of Kinderlogopedie Amsterdam. Next to address Olympiaplein 60 you see an arch. You walk underneath this arch, and on you lefthandside you see Kinderfysiotherapie. This is Hygiëastraat 1. Kinderlogopedie Amsterdam is located inside the Kinderfysiotherapy practice.
Note: Often navigationsystems do not find Hygiëastraat 1. It is best to put ‘Olympiaplein 60’ in the navigation and when arrived there, follow the instructions as described above.

To aply, follow this link