Course date – More Than Words


In september 2023 a new course will start on the Tuesday evening. This course will be given online. The 4 home visits will be at your house.
The Hanen Parent Program ‘More Than Words’ (MTW) is meant for parents of young children having difficulties in social communication skills and speech- and language development. This program is English spoken and consists of:
• 7 group meetings for parents (not for the children!) on Tuesday nights 19.30-22.00;
• 4 individual home visits per family, to be planned in daytime (weekends possible) for videocoaching and videoanalysis of parents and their child.

dates of the evening sessions are:

05-09, 12-09, 3-10, 10-10, 7-11, 14-11, 12-12


To aply, follow this link